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August 20, 2013
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HMLS: Sirverto IX by pokeguin HMLS: Sirverto IX by pokeguin
(I’m sorry for the not full-body pic, school work is killing me no time to redraw him(cries))
• Name: Sirverto (yes, just Sirverto, no last name)
• Nickname: Sunshine, Sir-kun, or Toto-kun
• Age: 20
• Position: Magus of Russia
• Magus Tattoo Location : on his left knee
• Your Real Life Job: artist (can do many stuff but excels at digital art)
• Gender: Male
• Weapon: whatever in his reach (this will be explained later in the history part)
• Abilities:
+ Control gravitation (within the radius of 3 meters)
+ Changing the weight of things he touches (and himself)
+ Both abilities don’t have time limit, but his strength ‘d decrease everytime he uses them, to a certain point he’d pass out or die.

• History:
Sirverto claims to have forgotten almost everything about his past after getting attacked about a month before the big meeting(the mass rp), at least that’s what he tells other people when asked about his background. It remains unknown whether he really did forget or just feigns the memory lost. And thus, Sirverto is just a name he thought up, which probably isn’t his real name, and clearly isn’t a native name either, considering him being Russian.
Sirverto has a ‘breast-phobia’. In other words, he is greatly disturbed by any cup size larger than C, despite being kind of a ladies’ man. The Russian has the tendency of behaving like a professional host towards both genders, so it’s not unusual for him to get slapped. Both the strange phobia and his behaviors are linked to his ‘forgotten’ life.
The magus in fact isn’t really good at using his powers, as he’d avoid fighting most of the time. Sirverto doesn’t like violence and stubbornly refuses to have weapons on him, which has resulted to him running away instead of defending himself.
Sirverto would even describe himself as “not very brave”and “despicably pragmatic”. However, he is one of those who would rush into danger if his precious ones are involved.
The Russian has a thing for the color yellow, as most of his outfits has a tad of yellow here and there.

Sirverto had a normal life, living with his parents and his aunt, Vivian, until he was 10, not knowing the fact he was a magus, as his parents seemed to ignore his tattoo. Not long before he turned 11, the parents passed away in a car accident and Sirverto was left under the care of his aunt. Vivian, however, started treating her own nephew as her private lover and violating the boy as soon as he reached puberty. When he was 14, Sirverto continued to attend school but was forced to work at his aunt’s host club(pretty much a brothel actually) at night. This later resulted in his smooth, sweet, host-like manners.
His aunt knew well Sirverto was a magus, and thus used that fact to manipulate him, implanting the false belief that she was the only one who would accept him. As stated above, Sirverto is not his real name, and it will remain unknown. His aunt always called him Toto, implying he was like a dog to her.
When turned 18, Sirverto met his Duce in a bar while escorting one of his client. He acknowledged his Duce right away, but it took him half a year to trust the person. Sirverto then ran away and started to work as an artist. He conveniently ‘lost’ his memories when attacked by an unknown enemy, so most things related to his past self has been forgotten, except for the name Toto.

• Personality:
+Seems to be the cold type of guy at first glance, but will later turn out to be pretty talkative when he has gotten used to the person.
+ Usually picks on people.
+ Smart, but seems like an idiot with his head above the clouds ( just what you’d expect from an artist.)
+ Love cats, hate violence, values the lives of others, even people he hates.

• Extras:
+the under of his feet are covered with cigarette burns, there are also several small cutting scars on his body.
+Height: 1m88/ Weight: has been changing his weight too often, he forgot his real weight (lol)
• Relationship:
Lyx: one of the first people he met at the castle, his newly made buddy, a picky-eater-when-it-comes-to-a-certain-kind-of-vegetable-fellow (Lyx can't eat cucumber while Sirverto hates carrot), also someone who Sirverto has a strong desire to protect.

Valda: also met her at the castle, admires her strong personality, but wishes she would smile more and enjoy herself. She is the only one until now to have experienced both his abilities(of course aside from his attackers).

Stacia: Sirverto was attracted by her unique appearance and ended up befriending her. Stacia is the first one (aside from a his aunt) allowed to call him by the name Toto. Sirverto has developed a hobby of dressing up Stacia so she can be as cute as Abby.

Pierre: an all pink person Sirverto has befriended, has the promise to dye his hair pink sometime in the future.

Yulian: artistic fellow who loves taking pictures, he is a little shy(in Sirverto's opinion) and seems to be a cautious and reliable person.

• Quote: “I use my hands to draw, not to kill”
“One shall be crushed by the weight of his own sins.”
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